Inquiring Minds

It is essential to learn the proper questions to direct the learning process. Asking questions can help to create an environment of deeper thinking and even more so when the students are the ones that are posing the questions. Have you ever had someone ask the right question?  What I am referring to is a […]

I Had to Swim…I Had to Try

Standing on the dock, I looked across that small lake and thought, “I have to try.”  I did not say a word to anyone around me, held my breath, dove in, and started swimming.  For me, I just had to swim across that lake. That one event from the summer I was thirteen is so […]

Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open

400 Minutes a day. What are you doing with this time? More importantly, what are our students doing? WOW! This quote is where Empower by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani sucked me in. Let that sink in and play that question over and over in your head as you go through the day. What are students doing […]

Remember Them…

I ran across this picture a while back on the internet, and it stopped me in my tracks.  “Remember her? She is still there…inside you… waiting. Let’s go get her! Take a minute and look at that picture and think about a time when you had this look on your face.  What was going through […]