May I Go…

“We’re expected to raise our hands to use the restroom, then three months later be ready to go to college or have a full time job, support ourselves, and live on our own. It’s not logical.” – Kate Simonds   The first time I read the book Innovator’s Mindset was the first time I had ever […]

Admiring the Problem

Have you ever been in a meeting and it seems to be going nowhere? Everyone is spending so much time discussing the problem or looking for some grand fix that “if we had the money, the resources, or that staff” we could do something about the PROBLEM. Admiring the problems, instead of looking for innovative […]

It’s a Heart Thing

Last year at a conference I heard, “What comes from the heart reaches the heart.  People know when we are genuinely interested in them and their passions.” That quote stood out in my mind. People innately feel when you are working or speaking from the heart and that is the energy that is most catching.  Have […]

The Power of Yes!

Couros shares the idea of the culture of “yes”! In our schools, especially as leaders, this allows a more free-thinking environment where teachers and students feel more empowered and willing to step out and take a risk.  A culture of “yes” like many other things begins with the individual.  We must learn to say “yes” or […]

School Pride and Risk-taking

School pride and risk-taking are vital to an innovative school culture! Acknowledging what is great in our school.  Ensuring that our students and teachers are valued is significant in becoming an exceptional school! This can be achieved by recognizing teachers, community, administration, and student strengths and utilizing them to their fullest potential.  When we treat each […]